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How Terra Business Suite Helped Mr. Rajan Grow His OverseasEducation Company

Rajan Mehra is the founder of a growing overseas Education company that helps students from around the world find the right education opportunities abroad. As his company grew, Rajan Mehra realized he needed a better way to manage his projects, finances, and customer relationships. That’s when he discovered Terra Business Suite, a premium business software that is designed to help visionary founders like him manage their businesses with ease.


Global Eduzone was struggling to manage its growing portfolio of international students. The company was dealing with multiple applications and inquiries from students across different countries and time zones. The team was finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of all the different applications, documents, and deadlines. They needed a centralized platform that would streamline their workflow and make it easier to manage their students’ applications.


Enter Terra Business Suite. The platform offered Global Eduzone a one-stop-shop for managing all of their international students’ applications. With Terra Business Suite, the team could easily track students’ applications, documents, and deadlines across multiple countries and time zones.
The team also used Terra Business Suite’s powerful automation tools to streamline their workflow. They used the platform to automate repetitive tasks, such as ascending reminders for document submissions and scheduling interviews. This saved the team time and made it easier for them to manage multiple applications and deadlines simultaneously.


Global Eduzone was able to improve its efficiency and productivity, while also delivering better results for its international students. The platform allowed the team to manage more applications in less time, freeing up resources for more complex and strategic projects. For example, the team was able to focus on developing custom marketing campaigns for specific programs and countries, which helped them to attract more qualified students.


Terra assists in project organization, automates repetitive procedures, boosts workforce efficiency, and
manages all business processes on a single platform in an environment that is becoming more
complicated. Our main goal is to provide any organization with a comprehensive business automation
solution that enables an effective and respected workplace culture.

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